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3 lead scoring mistakes to avoid

Posted by Phil Vallender on Apr 9, 2015

Avoid these three pitfalls to ensure that your lead scoring system is both effective and scalable from the outset.

Lead scoring is a powerful technique for filtering the leads that marketing passes to sales and, like most areas of marketing automation, is most effective when tested and refined in collaboration with sales. When faced with a scoring blank canvas, however, it's easy to fall into a number of traps that make it difficult to later analyse and improve the system.

To ensure that you create a system that all stakeholders understand, that is scalable and that can be continuously improved, start by avoiding these common mistakes.


How to use lifecycle stage to align sales and marketing in the B2B SME

Posted by Phil Vallender on Mar 31, 2015

One of the key benefits of inbound marketing over other forms is the level of integration, or alignment, that can be achieved with sales.

When sales and marketing work together, the sum really is greater than the parts. So, how does inbound support this and how can you achieve it?


Simple lead scoring strategies for B2B SMEs

Posted by Phil Vallender on Mar 27, 2015

As more and more businesses adopt digital sales and marketing tools, like CRM systems and marketing automation platforms, they also gain access to lead scoring.

Only not a lot of effort has been made to make effective lead scoring strategy accessible or applicable to the average B2B SME. Without a sound strategy, however, you can't benefit from what lead scoring has to offer. 


The negative effect of cold calling

Posted by Sean Sweet on Feb 5, 2015

Having been on the receiving end of cold calls for more years than I care to remember, I'm continually surprised that companies continue to employ cold calling methods to generate new business.

By cold call I mean one that is completely unsolicited. One where no indication has been given that the service they offer is either wanted or needed.

So far this week I've dealt with 8 cold calls and it's Thursday; I've had worse weeks but generally I'd like much better weeks and that means no cold calls at all.

As a B2B marketer I have a keen interest in how businesses generate leads and I'm acutely aware of how outbound marketing such as cold calls are failing to achieve the results they once did.


How to write great B2B content with zero resources

Posted by Phil Vallender on Jan 12, 2015

Do you want to adopt inbound marketing but worry that you don’t have the resources to produce great B2B content? Here are your options.

You’re not alone, it's a big concern for many B2B technology companies going inbound. As many again have starting inbound marketing only to discover that producing the necessary content is harder than expected.

It's true though that you cannot get away from the fact that inbound marketing (or content marketing) has quality content at its absolute core.


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