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The important role of data in personalising digital marketing

Posted by Phil Vallender on Jun 23, 2015

The ability to personalise digital marketing to the individual is now essential in effective B2B marketing. As a result, your customer and contact data is now one of your company's most valuable assets and it is your duty to keep it in good order.

B2B buyers no longer respond favourably to advertising, lumpy mail and one-size-fits-all email blasts. Instead, to reach a buyer now, you need to provide real value. Providing value requires you to demonstrate that you know who your buyer is and tailor their experience of your company to their unique needs. This tailoring of the experience can only begin if you have salient and actionable data with which to personalise your marketing.


Are your content marketing results less than expected?

Posted by Sean Sweet on May 28, 2015

Is your technology company creating large volumes of content - blogs, social posts, contributing to LinkedIn groups and sending email whenever possible?


Facebook launches Instant Articles, should we be excited?

Posted by Sean Sweet on May 20, 2015

If you produce content articles for yourself, your business or for a client then you may be excited by Facebook's new Instant Article product for mobile feeds.


Why Seed Investors Love Inbound Marketing

Posted by Phil Vallender on May 20, 2015

If you are contemplating looking for, have started seeking or have just received seed round funding, congratulations, this is an exiting time for you and your business.

When giving funding, investors are looking for certain conditions to be met. Among them and perhaps most important is growth potential - investors like fast, high growth best of all.

When it comes to delivering that growth, investors are clearly placing their trust in you and you product. They clearly believe that it meets a need, there is a market for it and that the business already has momentum. 

Sooner or later however, their eyes, and yours, will inevitably turn to marketing and how it is performing at realising that growth.


How can email work for you again?

Posted by Sean Sweet on May 12, 2015

Email used to be the go-to platform for sales and marketing people wanting to reach prospective customers.

But times have changed, email is less effective than ever and new ways to communicate are enjoying prominence. 


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