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Generate more leads from your B2B website

Posted by Phil Vallender on Dec 4, 2014

If having a website is an essential of modern business, why do so few make a measurable  contribution to results?

It's a common consensus that a website is an absolute must for doing business. If this is the case, why are the vast majority of B2B websites little more than expensive online brochures? Why do so many business owners look the other way when their website produces no measureable input to the achievement of company objectives?

If this sounds like you and your website, never fear, there are things that you can do easily to start the process of turning your website from a digital brochure into a lead generating machine.


Sustaining content marketing results in the face of content-spam

Posted by Phil Vallender on Dec 3, 2014

Is B2B content marketing going the way of banner ads and email marketing, and becoming the new spam?

The content avalanche. Content tipping point. Content saturation. Whatever you call it, there is more and more concern among B2B marketers that content marketing is being abused so much that it may cease to be effective. Is this really the case?


Make your B2B marketing more measurable

Posted by Phil Vallender on Nov 21, 2014

The first step toward growing your marketing ROI, is actually measuring it. 

Lots and lots of business owners struggle with the immeasurability of their marketing managers' plans. Without robust measures, you can never know what's really working and what isn't. In the absence of this knowledge, it's only human nature to zoom in and over analyse individual, even anecdotal results. This typically leads to frustration for both the business owner, who hopes to find order among the chaos and their marketing managers, who would like to be trusted to do what they are good at.

So, a big wish of business owners, though you may not realise it yet, is that marketing were much more measurable.


Why your tech company blog isn't getting enough visitors

Posted by Phil Vallender on Nov 18, 2014

What should you do if the blog set up by your technology company attracts less traffic than you hoped for?

Blogging is an essential component in the inbound methodology and the number one way of driving new, high quality traffic to your site. But what if your's is one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of technology companies that are regularly blogging but failing to drive any significant traffic from it? 


Is Leadin a free version of HubSpot?

Posted by Phil Vallender on Nov 12, 2014

Leadin is the new marketing automation plugin for WordPress. What's it all about?

A little while ago, an announcement came out of HubSpot about a couple of guys working on a new marketing automation plugin for WordPress. The definition of what Leadin is has been evolving fast as the guys behind it (Nelson Joyce and Andy Cook) are working on new features, with commendable transparency, at a ferocious rate. Most importantly though, it's free.


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